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  • File N: 15-10-04
  • Date of Birth: August 2003
  • Gender: Male
  • Character: Will be provided upon request
  • Diagnosis:


  • Description:

    More information will be provided upon request.

  • Please read

    Children under 5 years old are not available for international adoption unless they have serious diseases. Mostly we don’t list young kids because they are actively adopted but if we do the reason we are listing the pictures of children under 5 is to exhaust all the possibilities for the child to be adopted, some of them are available now and some of them will be available soon. Also it gives an opportunity for a family willing to adopt a specific child to plan ahead when they may start the paperwork for adoption (if the child won't be adopted by that time).

    If you desire to adopt a healthy child from 5 to 9 y.o. you should know that there is a sense to search such a child on our website or other websites when your dossier is ready (at least your home study). Many children will become available in 2-8 months after they are listed on different websites, so you will have a good chance to adopt such child if your dossier is ready or submitted.

    Can I adopt a specific child from your website?

    Yes, but we can not give full guarantee that this child will not be adopted by someone as Ukraine does not hold children for committed families. Under Ukrainian laws who comes first those will adopt, so if you want to adopt a younger child then «blind» referral can work for children from 5 to 7 y.o. Preselection works well on older children, special needs children or large sibling groups.

    High success – large sibling groups where one or even few children can be under 5 y.o.; older then 10 y.o. child; special needs children.

    Average success – 1 or 2 children from 5 to 9 yo, or HIV+ kids 5-7yo.

    Critical – 1 healthy child from 5 to 6 yo, especially girls.

    I am a US citizen, where can I adopt Caucasian children?

    • Ukraine - healthy children or with minor health problems from 5 and older, large sibling groups and special needs children can be adopted under 5 y.o.
    • Latvia - children from 8 y.o. and not many available, ( allows single women ).
    • Bulgaria - children from 1 y.o., special needs and older, and not many available, time frame from 4 to 7 years waiting, ( allows single women ).

    I am not a US citizen, can I adopt from Ukraine?

    It depends on a country you are from. Your first step is to find out at your country's immigration system if they allow adoption from Ukraine (Ukraine is a non-Hague convention country). Or you may contact us for more details.

    If a child is adopted or transferred before I come?

    What will happen if a child is transferred or adopted or became unavailable for adoption under different reasons? In this case we will indicate the information on the page of this child and in 30 days will remove pictures of this child from the website. And you will have two options: to refuse to come, or come and adopt other child/ren who are in need of a loving family.

    US citizens - please read

    Ukraine is a non-Hague country (not a party to Hague Adoption Convention) and adoption process is cheaper and faster. Since July 2014 the United States of America made changes to the laws and under new requirements all adoptive parents should hire Hague-accredited agencies in the USA to start the process of international adoption and home study. We have contacts with a few partner US agencies that work with adoptions for many years, are Hague-accredited, reputable and honest. For more information contact us.

    Ukrainian laws haven’t changed and independent adoptions continue to work in our country. We are licensed to provide legal services in Ukraine and are able to do adoption processes in a legal way (not a private facilitator). For your information, a US adoption agency can’t do adoption process in Ukraine, as no US agency is authorized in our country. NB: There are many facilitators to choose from. While a few of them are reputable and provide good quality service, there are many that have no qualification, provide poor service and are dishonest. You should think carefully when selecting a facilitator or US agency, adoption is a complicated and serious legal process.

    Those who are willing a healthy children under 2 y.o. please read (Surrogacy)

    NOTE For the past years situation extremely changed around adoption all over the world, especially when Russia bans adoption for US citizens. Actually US citizens CAN'T adopt Caucasian healthy infants anywhere in the world or it will take at least 5-8 years and cost tons of dollars. Ukraine does not have healthy children under 5 y.o. and under our laws adoption of children under 5 y.o. is forbidden, so you can't consider adoption in Ukraine if you wish a healthy baby.

    We launched a Surrogacy program and if you wish to have a healthy infant who will genetically belong to you, please consider our surrogacy program. We already have a few US families who switched from adoption to surrogacy after Russia ban adoption for US citizens. The cost will be $37.000-42.000 total vs 100-140 thousands in the US. Visit our surrogacy website

    Ukrainian Surrogacy Key Aspects

    • Only 10-14 months from the beginning of the program to your own baby birth
    • Just $37-42 thousands total fees, the cost is similar to the cost of Russia's baby adoption
    • Payments paid in parts
    • Use our adoption references for being sure that you will be properly taken care of, we have an experience in legal matters and we are always honest with our clients.
    • There is no alternative to surrogacy nowadays as adoption of european babies is forbidden in all countries.

    Update 2015 (Just our small agency)

    • 2013 - 2 children (US couple)
    • 2014 - 8 children (US and Spanish couples)
    • 2015 - 23 children (Spain, Canada, UK, Hungary, US, South Africa)
    • 2015 - September over 25 requests

    Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we'll explain everything to you taking into consideration your personal situation (skype available upon request, Ukraine time GMT+2).


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