Adoption Situation in Ukraine

Situation with adoption in General and with Hosting

Actual 2013-2015 year

Ukraine supports domestic adoption and foster care by all possible means. Ukrainian officials are opposite to hosting and I have information that they are deciding how to ban it as they want those children to place into Ukrainian foster families. The situation with international adoption is getting tenser and this all comes from politicians, who lobby for their interests and play with future electorate. They shape public opinion about international adoption and how bad it is.

At the same time there are cases when Ukrainian foster and adoptive families abuse orphans, Ukraine has 3 such cases recently that were shown in the news for the past 3 weeks and I think much more cases are not known to public.

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There are many cases in Ukraine when children suffer from foster and adoptive families, not all cases are shown in the news. In comparison to America, there were a few similar cases for the past 10 years, and it is a big difference between our two countries.

Mostly in Ukraine orphans are taken to foster families just as a source of income.

The Main points of Ukrainian government position

  • Ukrainian government financially supports foster care and Ukrainian families (who are, in general, poor and with no other means to earn money) very actively take children, the younger - the better, but now even for Ukrainians it is very difficult to find a healthy young child, so Ukrainians began to take older children into foster care (7-12 y.o.), I think that is because they are not able to find younger.
  • However a child placed into foster care is still an orphan, the status changes in adoption only.
  • Some inspectors in the region persuade older children to refuse from foreign families and they receive orders from the Government to place them into foster care.

That is why we want to inform you, if you want to host children up to 10-12 years old, it may be difficult for you to adopt them, because Ukrainians have a priority. But if a hosted child is older than 10 y.o. and he/she wants to be adopted by a host family, the child may refuse from a Ukrainian family; however, officials of regional children’s services office still may dissuade him/her from international adoption.


Unfortunately, Ukraine moves not to a good direction speaking negatively about international adoption. Ukrainian politicians like to point out that the adopted children can’t be controlled overseas and no one knows how foreign families treat them. I found it ridiculous that Ukraine thinks that control for children in advanced countries is worse than in Ukraine (which is the worst to my mind). Working for many years with foreign families I see how they treat their children, how they care for them and love them.

Children’s interest should be counted first and children want to have parents, no matter in what country they live.

Read below an answer of the American Embassy to a family regarding hosting


note Those who are willing a healthy children under 2 y.o. please read (Surrogacy)

PLEASE NOTE: For the past years situation extremely changed around adoption all over the world, especially when Russia bans adoption for US citizens. Actually US citizens CAN'T adopt Caucasian healthy infants anywhere in the world or it will take at least 5-8 years and cost tons of dollars. Ukraine does not have healthy children under 5 y.o. and under our laws adoption of children under 5 y.o. is forbidden, so you can't consider adoption in Ukraine if you wish a healthy baby.

We launched a Surrogacy program and if you wish to have a healthy infant who will genetically belong to you, please consider our surrogacy program. We already have a few US families who switched from adoption to surrogacy after Russia ban adoption for US citizens. The cost will be $37.000-42.000 total vs 100-140 thousands in the US. Visit our surrogacy website

Ukrainian Surrogacy Key Aspects

  • Only 10-14 months from the beginning of the program to your own baby birth
  • Just $37-42 thousands total fees, the cost is similar to the cost of Russia's baby adoption
  • Payments paid in parts
  • Use our adoption references for being sure that you will be properly taken care of, we have an experience in legal matters and we are always honest with our clients.
  • There is no alternative to surrogacy nowadays as adoption of european babies is forbidden in all countries.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we'll explain everything to you taking into consideration your personal situation (skype available upon request, Ukraine time GMT+3).

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