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Thank you for considering Open Heart Adoption on your journey to parenthood.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.


  • For people in the US we have joined with Reece's Rainbow to provide a means for tax deductible donations: please click button below

  • If you familiar with crypto currency you can donate in USDT, to our crypto currency account, please email us at and will give to you details

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For residents in USA and Canada please use the account below for money transfer, you can use WISE website

  • Account holder: Oleg Marynenko
  • Routing number: 084009519
  • Account number: 9600003051513619
  • Account type: Checking
  • Wise's address: (if needed) 19 W 24th Street New York NY 10010 United States

For residents in EURO UNION and whole world please use account bellow in EURO, if you not EURO UNION resident please use WISE website and convert your local currency to EURO and send to account bellow.

  • Account holder: Oleg Marynenko
  • IBAN: BE66 9672 7281 0543
  • Wise's address: (if needed) Avenue Louise 54, Room S52 Brussels 1050 Belgium

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Dear visitors, due to war in Ukraine, we ask for your help with our young orphans. As you may know many orphanages in Ukraine have been evacuated but there are still those that aren’t. Humanitarian situation is in crisis almost everywhere in Ukraine. It’s hard to get basic amenities like food, medicine, baby food, blankets, etc. Many of these kinds of things are simply not available or the quantities are restricted. We have huge lines in the drugstores, markets and roads are blocked and very dangerous for travel. PURE CHAOS. We have been assisting with the adoption process since 2000, and have many connections with orphanages around Ukraine. You can help orphans by:

  • Sending your money for direct transfer to orphanage directors, deputy directors, orphanage staff like caretakers, caregivers, nanny’s, etc, many of them have been evacuated with the children to different places in Ukraine. Please note that orphanage staff have salaries of approximately 200 USD per MONTH not per week, so every dollar is important to them.
  • Donating for all necessities from shelters to basic food and hygiene items.
  • Direct help always works better than transferring money to different charity funds.
  • We opened accounts on the Wise money system, it’s the most simple money transfer system in the world.

Please subscribe to our adoption in Ukraine Facebook group (have 1.5k members) and to be sure that we use your money to help an orphanages, directly to a specific child or specific staff at the orphanage. Please please understand that right now is not time for formalities, and every dollar is important for all orphans.


  • Address: 19 A Dniprovska naberezhna St., (2nd floor), Kiev 02081, Ukraine
  • Phone: +380 44 545 58 24 | Kyiv time GMT +2
  • Skype: Viber: WhatsApp: Available under request
  • Email:
  • Our office is open every Monday through Friday
  • Ukraine current time:

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Note Our locality Kiev, Ukraine. Single men/women, same sex marriages are not allowed. We are very sorry but at time of war adoption impossible it's a law (in WW2 was the same) you can help orphanages directly or help us and will help to orphanages - see yellow badge on the top.

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