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Dear Families first of all we want to express our deep gratitude to you for your adoption and for the fact that you could give home. Please give the warmest regards from Ukraine to your children.

Please, accept my apologies if something went wrong with your process and it wasn't as you have expected. Just know we are trying to do our best to make the adoption process as fast as possible.

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Jason & Donna Chilton

14 October 2014

Our experience working with Oleg and Julia was absolutely wonderful in every way. When we stared the adoption process in December of 2013, we had no clue where to start. Oleg's website is filled with detailed instructions on every step of the process. If we ever had a question, Oleg was very quick to reply to his e-mail. Once we were in country, Oleg and Julia were amazing. They both went over and beyond their call of duty. We are so blessed to have found them to help us with this amazing journey.

Chris and Mindy Trotter Chris and Mindy Trotter

22 August 2014

We adopted our son in the Fall of 2013. We had a wonderful experience with everyone we worked with. Our adoption in country was completed in 5 weeks. We had no major delays or problems. We would recommend using Oleg and his team, they were great!

Oleg, Luba, Lena Thank you! Everyone had worked so hard throughout our adoption process and we truly appreciate it! Everyone has been professional and personable. We will always remember our time in Ukraine! :). Thank you for helping our family find Nikita and make him our son! Our whole family is so excited to meet him! Thank you!!!

Lt Col Felix Roge Lt Col Felix Roge

26 July 2014

Oleg is the best! Quit looking elsewhere. He and his team will get things done...magically! We wasted time and money trying to get our girls registered with others. Also, on our first adoption trip, we didn't know of Oleg. We spent nine miserable weeks with an inept adoption facilitator. Then we found out about Oleg. Lizzie and Rimma were registered in record time and our adoption trips with Oleg, his assistants Nadia and Tanya, were incredibly easy! Oleg may be a little higher in price, but you certainly make up for it by not losing more weeks of wages, spending more resources and time, and just being away from home too long!

Martha Swinney

25 July 2014

Wonderful team! We were very satisfied with all aspects of care from Oleg & others! Strongly recommend them!

Lyndi Shupp

20 July 2014

My family and I adopted our son from Ukraine in 2009. You can read about our entire journey HERE We used Oleg and his team for our adoption and were very pleased with them. They were always professional, understanding and patient with us. They worked with us from beginning to end and often went above and beyond what they had to do for us to make sure our experience was as positive an experience as possible. Oleg was always ready to answer my questions as we prepared ourselves for our paperwork and then for travel. He helped us secure a place to stay in country, as well as helped us get oriented with the city once we arrived so that we would be comfortable. Of course, with any adoption, unforeseeable events happened, but even during those events, Oleg and his team were able to work through those and help me to understand what was going on and kept me informed on progress so that I was always in the know! I never felt unsafe (even while in country alone) or like I would be taken advantage of. I learned early on that Oleg is a man of his word and genuinely cares about the children. We have been home for 5 years now and I still have contact with Oleg and he still keeps up with our little Patrick. If I were to go through the adoption process again, I would have no hesitation in using Oleg and his team again...in fact, I wouldn't use any one else!

Rick and Julie Prettyman Rick and Julie Prettyman

17 June 2013

Working with Oleg and his team was an immense blessing. They took care of every detail and went above and beyond to make certain we were comfortbale and had all of our questions answered. Their work allowed the entire adoption process to go smoothly and quickly. We had friends who were adopting from the same orphanage as we did but they went through another facilitator and were in country nearly 4 weeks longer than we were. We were blessed to work with Oleg and would highly receommend his team to those who are conisdering adoption in the Ukraine. We would definitely go through him again. Thank you so much Oleg and Juliya, Luba and Lena we are deeply indebted to you

Cathy Cathy

08 June 2012

Hi Oleg, We adopted our daughter from Ukraine in 2006. She was 8 at the time. Oleg quoted us a price before the adoption for his services and that is exactly what we paid. Our adoption went very smoothly. Thank you Oleg! Cathy

Julia Julia

14 October 2011

A family from South Carolina, adopted 3 children (copied from personal message)
Oleg, I hope you and your family have a good new year and that you will always remember how many people you have helped. You have helped orphans find parents and parent find their children. Bless you!

Julia Julia

11 October 2011

A family from DC, adopted 1 child (copied from personal message)

Hi Oleg,
We're very thankful for our son (adopted in 2004).

Julia Julia

10 October 2011

A family from North Carolina, adopted 1 child (copied from personal message)

Oleg, thank you for helping me find my daughter!!! You believed in me as a single mother and helped me achieve my dream of being a mom! I pray for you nightly! We live you with all our heart!

Julia Julia

08 October 2011

A family from Virginia, adopted 2 children (copied from personal message)
Hello Oleg,
Seven years ago in February, I adopted Oksana and Sergei from Odessa. They're 21 and 22 years old now! Can you imagine! I hear you are still doing adoptions. Good for you! It is a wonderful thing you do.  

Julia Julia

07 October 2011

A family from Indiana, adopted 3 children (copied from personal message)
"Hi Oleg, All three of my children are doing well. The boys are working in a church camp for the summer and Katia is going to summer school as she is still trying to make her grade level. Life is certainly interesting with three 16 year olds."

Kevin Brooks Kevin Brooks

02 September 2011

Hi, we adopted 2 girls ages 5 and 9 in 2007. The younger has health issues. I knew the girls from previous business trips to Ukraine and and first tried to get the younger medical help. The adoption process was difficult due to legal issues. There were many things I didn't understand about the adoption process and maybe a few I didn't agree with in part due to my lack of understanding in spite of being very experienced in UA. However, I can say very seriously that the adoption would have been delayed for a long period of time or been deemed impossible if it weren't for the experience of Oleg. I am sure other facilitators might have failed.

Again, thx Oleg.

Suggestions to make your trip easier.

Ask drivers to drive safely.
Tip taxi drivers to drive within the speed limits. They don't get paid much and make money by driving as many miles as they can.
Discuss accommodations.
If there are problems, try and discuss things directly with Oleg.
If things aren't going well, give yourself some time out to relax and think things over.

Time has different meaning in Ukraine than in the US. Budget for the unexpected.

I am very thankful to have our girls. Thx Oleg.


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