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To complete the paperwork in US

Step One

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR FAMILY MEETs THE REQUIREMENTS FOR ADOPTION FROM UKRAINE Read this page - Requirements for Ukrainian Adoption procedure

Step Two

If all is OK, the next step will be to find a home study agency, below is a very important explanation how to do it.

First of all, you need to find a Hague accredited agency. We work with partner Hague accredited agencies that are able to work in all 50 states, so you can contact us for details. If you have your own local Hague accredited agency, we can sign the contract or agreement with this agency.

Please, ask your agency to prepare the home study in accordance with Ukrainian laws, simply copy 2-3 pages from our website and send to the agency, ask them to do everything under our requirements. The pages are:

  • Dossier guidelines
  • Paperwork-list - home-study
  • Paperwork-list - Notice-of-approval-i-171h

Access to section Dossier

Only our clients have access to Dossier section!

We can also give access to your social worker or she/he can contact us for details.

note Please, make sure all is prepared under the requirements and send us the draft for a review.

Step Three

Your home study and I-171H form are ready and you can start preparing other documents. Please, note, it is better to do this when your home study and I-171 are ready, because the term of your documents should be valid at least 6 months on the submission day to the DFC (DFC).

So go to the section dossier and subsection paperwork list and prepare all other documents needed for the process.

note Please, email us all the drafts or forms for a review before you send all the paperwork to us in Ukraine.

Step Four

Your dossier is ready and approved by us, now you can send it to Ukraine. Go to this page for further instructions and address

Step Five

After you sent your dossier to us, please wire $1,000 for dossier translation, legalization and submission to the DFC. Go to this page for further instructions and explanation

Ask a confirmation that we received the money from you.

Step Six

We will translate and notarize your dossier. Then we will submit it to the DFC, please wait a confirmation about that.

Step Seven

In 30-40 days there will be a result from the DFC whether your dossier is approved or rejected. If it's approved then in 1-2 weeks we will receive an invitation letter for you to come to the appointment in Kiev. You may expect to come approximately in 1,5-2 months after your dossier was submitted.

Step Eight

Travel to Ukraine to make your dreams come true.



  • Address: 19 A Dniprovska naberezhna St., (2nd floor), Kiev 02081, Ukraine
  • Phone: +380 44 545 58 24 | Kyiv time GMT +2
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  • Our office is open every Monday through Friday
  • Ukraine current time:

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Note Our locality Kiev, Ukraine. Single men/women, same sex marriages are not allowed. We are very sorry but at time of war adoption impossible it's a law (in WW2 was the same) you can help orphanages directly or help us and will help to orphanages - see yellow badge on the top.

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