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Adoption Alert: Annual Reports

Dear Adoptive Parents of all the children adopted from Ukraine!

My name is Olga Ivanchenko, vice consul of the Consulate General of Ukraine in New York. Currently I am in charge of adoption issues at the Consulate. Lots of you, including parents and the children already know me because we often communicate, trying to solve some problems in case they arise, as periodically I email you the news from the Consulate, announcements, reminders, etc. Sometimes we spend time together with you and your adopted children therefore becoming friends. Since my work at the Consulate consists of different aspects of consular issues, working with adoptive families is only the part of my duties. Let’s say, it is the most important, responsible, difficult part. At the same time I would like to let you know that I am working on this with a great pleasure, understanding how it is important. I am trying to do all my best to assist you in any possible way, to answer all your questions. These first days of New Year 2014 I would like to thank all of you for being in contact, for submitting your annual reports, for taking good care of your adopted Ukrainian children, for embracing the culture of your children’s origin. I wish your families a great New Year together with your children, new adventures, new goals and achievements. I understand how it could be difficult sometimes, but I am so happy to get know of each and every step forward made by your children with your assistance!

As you know the Ukrainian legislation requires adoptive parents to provide information about the wellbeing of adopted children in the form of post-adoption reports annually during the first three years following the adoption and once every three years thereafter, until the age of 18. Currently only about 40% of scheduled for year 2013 reports arrived to the Consulate General of Ukraine in New York. About the same pattern is for 2012. This means that the Consulate do not receive information on more than a half of adopted children. Quite often, the reminding letters sent to your residences just return back to the Consulates. Some of your email addresses are no longer active therefore our messages could not be delivered. Some of you have moved to other states or even abroad not informing the Consular Office, some probably just forgot to send in their report(s). If you are not sure about your schedule just email me or my colleagues at the Embassy or the Consulates in Chicago and San-Francisco. Please include in your report your email address. It would allow you to get the news, updates and the confirmation for your submitted report(s). Have you sent your report(s) but have not received the confirmation? Please contact us to check it. The new year has just begun and the Consular Offices should provide the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine with the information regarding the wellbeing of Ukrainian Adopted children. Let’s make a difference together this year in the name of all Ukrainian children!!!! Please submit your report(s) as soon as possible or just write a letter about your child(ren) along with some recent photos and we will accept it as your report(s). Should you have any questions please contact me. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Olga Ivanchenko

Annual reports download and instruction

- Here is a link to Ukraine's Embassy in the United States with a download of a report form.

- Just click the word Here. It said it was in Rich Text Format and it saved nicely into my Microsoft Word program.

- It does not ask any information on the parents, other than name and address. The questions deal with the child's development.

- It does ask for between 8 to 10 photos. I would attach at least one photo and for those of you who can, go ahead and attach more.

- It also asks for any medical reports.

- By the way for families wishing proof that it was received send it to your Ukrainian Consulate by return receipt requested. Your post office can help you with that. You can also send a self addressed stamped envelope along with an extra copy of the report for them to stamp and send back showing it was received. Some people reported this worked and others are still waiting for them. But, with return receipt mail, at least you can show someone signed for your mail.



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